Boys Classes (5 & Up)

​Pricing / Schedule


1 class per week:

$150.00 / per month

2 classes per week:

$190.00 / per month
3 classes per week:

$230.00 / per month


(More classes will become available based on demand)

Registration Fee: $55.00

Family Registration Fee: $85.00

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Recreational gymnastics is exactly what it sounds like - gymnastics for recreation and fun. That doesn't mean recreational classes are all fun and games, though. Especially above the lowest levels, recreational gymnasts work really hard to gain some impressive skills.

Recreational gymnastics classes are usually offered in a group setting. Groups are usually split by age or ability with age guidelines. This gives parents some idea of where to start their gymnast in gymnastics classes.

Beginner level recreational classes are for grade school boys and girls ages 5 and up. Our classes are designed to build a solid foundation of basic level gymnastics skills in a safe and fun environment. Gymnasts in this level are challenged to improve their strength, flexibility and gymnastics skills. Gymnasts progress through this level at their own pace and advance when they have mastered all skills required to move on to the next level.

​Intermediate classes are available to gymnasts 6 and above. This class is offered to those who have mastered all skills required in our beginner classes. Our intermediate classes are 85 minutes and designed for girls who's goals are to proceed into Pre-Team. It typically takes about 6 months to complete the Intermediate Class and gymnasts can only proceed when they have mastered all skills needed to advance.​